About Us

Founded in 1965, Ancare has been showing we care for over 50 years. Our complete line of products meets all of your animal lab needs; bottles and cages, brooms and squeegees, stainless steel dollies and bulk trucks, Ancare has it all. Vent Racks, Plastic Cages, Micro-Barrier Systems, Stainless Steel Racks, Bottle Baskets, Carts, Cardholders, Bulk Trucks, Bottles, Nestlets, Metro Wire, Rubbermaid, Disposable Clothing, Bottles, Stoppers, Tubes, Screw-Tops and much more.

Our People.

Stan Kanarek helped found Ancare in 1965, and passed away in December, 2016.

Mitch Kanarek, President, joined his father in 1987. Deciding that it was time to move away from just catalogs and trade shows, Mitch hit the road and became Ancare's first traveling salesman!

In 1991, Brian Gallagher, VP Sales, decided that he would rather work for a small, family owned business rather than be in the impersonal World of Wall Street.

Bill McDonald, Sr. Director of Sales, followed a long family history of sales in Lab Animal Research when he joined Ancare in 1996.

Gordon Yee, Marketing Director, brought his 16 years of industry experience to Ancare when he joined the team in 1999.

Nancy McCormick, Regional Sales Manager, was able to add her effervescent energy to the mix when she joined the Ancare team in 2005.

Vinnie Guarniere, West Coast Sales Rep, brought his LATg and years of managerial experience to Ancare, showing us all that being the last is no reason to not be the best!

It is thanks to this dedicated team of professionals, outstanding Customer Service Representatives, and an incredible office staff that Ancare has been able to position ourselves as the most informed and involved of companies in the industry!

Our Team

MItchell Kanarek
mitch [at] ancare.com
Brian Gallagher
Vice-President, Sales
brian [at] ancare.com
Nancy McCormick
Regional Sales Manager
nancy [at] ancare.com
Bill McDonald
Senior Sales Manager, Midwest Region
bill [at] ancare.com
Vinnie Guarniere III
West Coast Sales Representative
vinnie [at] ancare.com
Gordon Yee
Marketing Director
gordon [at] ancare.com