Changing and Disposal Stations

Double Sided Changing Station

The Ancare X-Series Double Sided Changing Station is a modified laminar flow clean bench with unique air-balancing properties to provide personnel and animal protection during handling procedures. For maximum efficiency and flexibility during operations, the X Series adopts an open access concept that increases ease of insertion and removal of cages from the work zone. Operator comfort is ensured with adjustable height control and an ergonomically sloped sash. In addition, the unit features Sentinel microprocessor and pressure gauges for easy air-flow monitoring and control.

  • Latest generation DC ECM blower provides stable airflow with low energy consumption.
  • Quietest double sided animal workstation in the world at 53 dBA in open field conditions.
  • The only double sided animal workstation in the world with leg room on both sides.
  • Isocide™ anti-microbial coating protects operators and animals.

Key Benefits:

  • High Energy efficiency with advanced DC ECM blower. 70% less energy consumption results in substantial long term savings.
  • 99.9% ELISA-verified allergen containment for operator and environment protection.
  • Operators and animals are protected via laminar flow and air-balancing properties of the system.
  • Exceptional Operator Comfort though low noise and dual legroom.



  • Optimal protection achieved via unique airflow-balancing-technology that prevents hazardous allergens from escaping the work zone and external contaminated air from entering the work zone.
  • Recessed air grills prevent airflow blockage from items placed on the work zone
  • Down-flow ULPA filter supplies ISO Class 4 air cleanliness within work zone as per ISO 14644.1.
  • ULPA filter technology, provides better operator, product and environmental protection than conventional HEPA filters operating at typical efficiency of >99.999% at MPPS, 0.3 and 0.12 microns.


  • Audible and visual alarms alert the operator to unsafe sash position and low airflow (detected by our proprietary airflow sensing technology).
  • Sentinel™ Microprocessor allows the operator to easily access and control all cabinet functions on the LCD screen.
  • Isocide™ antimicrobial powder coating prevents surface bacterial growth and enhances operator safety.


  • Electrical outlet
  • Foldable side tray
  • Side Shield
  • Feed Hopper

Bedding Disposal Station

Featuring a large capacity HEPA filter, Triple-Blend Activated Carbon filter, a 304 square tube stainless steel frame and a powder coated steel exterior shell are just a few of the reasons to love our Bedding Disposal Station. The hinged polycarbonate widow lifts up for easy cleaning, the interior lighting provides a more comfortable work area, and the 36" x 30" footprint ensures it will fit just about anywhere you need!


  • Durable 304 stainless steel interior resists corrosion and provides an easily maintained sanitary work environment
  • Rear baffle optimizes airflow and ensures even air distribution throughout work area
  • Interior upper panel assembly safely contains sealed pre-filter for HEPA, HEPA filter and Triple Blend exhaust filter
  • Economical, disposable pre-filter for HEPA is easily changed to enhance HEPA filter life
  • Top mounted Triple Blend activated carbon exhaust filter absorbs odors and gaseous contaminants including Ammonia (NH3) 
  • Large waste disposal port with removable stainless steel safety trim ring grate insert (13 7⁄8” x 12” without grate, 13 1⁄2” x 11 1⁄2” with grate)
  • Large 40 gallon industrial strength waste container
  • Stainless steel aerodynamic airfoil directs uninterrupted inflow air to ensure contaminate containment
  • arge 35 3⁄4” wide x 22 3⁄8” high access opening
  • Low vibration and noise levels ensures a more pleasant working environment
  • Large 5” diameter corrosive resistant stainless steel casters and bearings ensure easy and quiet transportation. Two braking casters provide a stable work surface
  • Precision Magnehelic gauge displays filter condition by monitoring differential pressure across the HEPA filter
  • Lighted blower and lighting switches mounted on front panel for easy access
  • Variable speed solid state blower control ensures that safe and efficient system airflow is maintained
  • Powder coated exterior steel skin to provide a durable, maintenance free surface
  • Nominal inflow velocity of 50-60 feet per minute (fpm)
  • 39 watt easily accessible fluorescent fixture provides a well illuminated work area
  • Work surface height is easily adjustable from 35” to 41”
  • Hinged polycarbonate window provides additional visual work area and expanded access opening
  • One year limited warranty