Contamination Control Flooring

TechTrak floor mat system is designed for each customers' specific requirement, whether covering an entire gowning room for complete contamination control during large shift changes or airlocks, exits and hallways to eliminate concerns of cross contamination. The cost of TechTrak contamination control floor mat is only a fraction of the cost of disposable adhesive peel off mats in the first year. Each subsequent year of the expected 4-5 year active life - TechTrak polymer floor mats increases your savings.

Easy to maintain within your current cleaning schedule using facility approved disinfectants or detergents

Warranty: TechTrak has a 3 Year full replacement warranty


The Problem

Oh, you dirty floor…
Let’s face it. Floors are dirty. And if the dirt just stayed there then we would all be happy! But it doesn’t…
Air currents caused by ventilation, equipment, and the movement of carts and people all stir the particles on the floor, causing them to rise into the air and settle on everything else. And bringing all kinds of disgusting stuff with it.

But what if you could leave it all behind?
Think of the modern vivarium as an onion. The animal is at the heart of the onion, with the cage as the first layer of skin. The IVC is the next layer. Then the room, the hallway, and the facility itself. The further out that you can stop the contamination, the better.

Sticky Mats?
Sticky mats have been around for a long time. That’s surprising when you consider that they are so easily avoided, usually not changed often enough, tend to be problematic with wheels, and toss debris into the air when changed. Sticky mats do seem to have a staying power, but maybe it’s time to pull away from them.

Shoe Covers?
Shoe covers are great WHEN USED CORRECTLY. But how often does that happen? If users put on the cover without touching the shoe, step over the line, and never make an error, then great. But you know that they touch the shoes, then touch your walls, counters and cages. You know that several users ignore the line. You know that after hours, some have gone into the facility and not put the shoe covers on because they’ll “just be a second.” And you know that they are expensive too.

Foot Baths?
For some areas, foot baths are great. In a barn, for example. But even there, is the bath being changed often enough? If spraying, what is the spray doing to your footwear and wheels? And can you say “slippery when wet?”

The Product 

TechTrak Polymer Flooring utilizes 21st century polymer technology to produce a mat with a liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area. 

More or Less?
More people means more dirt. How do we address that? More TechTrak! We normally recommend 10’ in a hallway, which will allow for at least 3 steps across the mat. This repeated contact will strip layer after layer of contamination from both feet and wheels. In high traffic areas, simply use a longer strip to allow for more contact. In certain areas (such as anti-rooms or elevators,) less than 10’ can still be effective! Standard widths are 48” and 78”, with virtually any length available.

TechTrak is fully warranted for 3 years, with a life expectancy of 4-5 years.

The Placement

The Onion
Let’s go back to our onion analogy. If the modern vivarium is an onion, we want TechTrak to be each layer of skin. Main entrance. Loading dock. Gowning rooms. Airshowers. Anti-rooms. Anywhere that contamination is a concern. You can use just a single layer of protection or multiple layers, depending on your needs.

TechTrak can not only be sized to meet your needs, but shaped as well. It can go around corners, down hallways and into doorways. The low profile mat has a tapered edging that goes around the perimeter of the area, and is chemically welded to the mat.

Using a blending of technologies, TechTrak is installed in a semi-permanent manner. It will remain firmly in place for the duration of it’s lifespan, but when due to be removed or replaced, it can easily be detached, leaving the floor in the same condition as when it was installed. We can either provide installation or provide support for a self-install. 

The Process

Just Walk
Unlike shoe covers and foot baths, there is no additional work required by the user to use TechTrak. Just walk across the surface and the particles will be stripped away!

And Clean
Once a day, just clean the floor with a damp mop and squeegee it dry. This will remove the buildup of dirt that has accumulated on the anti-bacterial mat, leaving a fresh, rejuvenated surface. 

The Price

Who can put a price on the value of your research animals? But we can say this - TechTrak will represent a significant savings when compared to other contamination control methods. Contact your Ancare representative for more details.


  • Feet and wheels are a major source of contamination transferred into the animal facility.
  • Contamination does not remain on the floor, but rather rises to shoulder level or higher with the movement of people and carts.
  • Air handling systems, filters and cleaning procedures all work better with lower levels of contamination.
  • The animal room is part of a clean environment effected by all surrounding rooms and activities. 
  • Most Important – the contamination reaching your animal housing rooms presents an increased threat to your animals, your research and your reputation.

TechTrak Contamination Control Floor Mat

The 21 st Century has seen the development of dozens of highly advanced polymer formulations. The TechTrak floor mats are the ultimate example proving that theory.

Greater efficiency, lower cost, long life and environmentally friendly, TechTrak mats have moved to the head of the contamination control class. Strategically placed in your critical environment, the TechTrak mats will remove and hold 100% of foot and wheel borne particulate and bacteria. The TechTrak mats are cleaned once per day, which completely regenerates the polymer surface - now ready for total decontamination of every foot and wheel which touches the mat.

TechTrak is made in the USA to strict ISO standards and has a Full 3 Year Warranty. The low profile product is perfect for entry ways, quarantine rooms, vivariums, outside cage wash, hallways to eliminate cross contamination, wherever particulate or bacteria is a concern. Ancare Corp. is the exclusive representative for TechTrak LLC in North America. Please contact Ancare for samples, technical data, or a visit by an experienced local representative. The TechTrak technical team working with Ancare, has designed and placed more contamination control systems in the most demanding clean environments than any other company in the world.

This one simple step starts you on the way to lower particle and bacterial counts.