High Density Shelf Racks


40% more caging per square foot than conventional racking systems
Excellent cage viewing
Cages locked in place
All welded, stainless steel construction
Compatible with auto water systems
Increased airflow compared to solid shelves

Standard mouse models compatible with Ancare N10 Cages with Low-Profile Micro-Filter Tops.
Standard rat models compatible with Ancare R20 Cages with standard filter tops.

Other styles available to meet other caging styles. Contact Ancare directly

Standard Models:
ANHDR1274SS9F81 - Single sided, holds 81 mouse cages. Ergonomic handles
ANHDR2574SS9F162 - Double sided, holds 162 mouse cages.
ANHDR2068SS5F30 - Single sided, holds 30 rat cages.
ANHDR3968SS5F60 - Double sided, holds 60 rat cages.