Bottle Filling Stations


Type 316 Stainless Steel construction throughout.
 Nozzles are removable for easy cleaning or replacement.
 The filler header height is easily adjustable for different bottle heights.
Compatible with Ancare bottle baskets. Custom configurations available
Unit includes a full backsplash and is fully compatible with high purity water.

Overall dimensions of base unit: 191⁄2”W x 301⁄8”D x 461⁄2”H, 
Working height 25 3⁄8”.

Side station (model BFS-100) for stopper placement is optional.

Models Available:
Single Headers
BF-101-24 for standard 24 compartment basket.  
BF-101-20 for standard 20 compartment basket.
BF-101-15 for standard 15 compartment basket.
Dual Headers
BF-101-24/20 for both 24 compartment and 20 compartment baskets.
BF-101-24/15 for both 24 compartment and 15 compartment baskets

Other models and custom configurations available.