Better products. Better science

At Ancare, we always strive to make things better. Better products means better quality and better durability. That can only make your studies, well, better...

Better products. Better science.

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Polycarbonate, High-Temp or Polysulfone? What are the differences, and which one will best suit your needs?
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Stainless Steel

What makes stainless steel, well... stainless? And what do the grades mean?
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Nestlets by Ancare

The perfect nesting material for mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits and other small rodents, Nestlets by Ancare are the perfect way to show them you care!.
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Contamination Control Flooring

Tech Trak is the most efficient entry mat, effectively removing 100% of bacteria and particle contamination with just 3 steps.
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