Rodent Micro-Filter Tops

Plastic Type:  

N10MBT (20 per case)

Rodent Caging



Material: High Temp Polycarbonate or Polysulfone.

Each micro-filter top includes one one filter paper. Additional filter paper is sold separately.


N10/AN75 Micro-Filter Top (mouse)

  • 7½” W x 11½” L.
  • Available in a standard height or reduced height.
  • Compatible with our N10 and AN75 cage bottoms.
  • Sold 20 per case.

N40/R20 Micro-Filter Top (mouse/hamster)

  • 10½” W x 19” L.
  • Compatible with our N40 and R20 cage bottoms.
  • Sold 10 per case.

    Nalgene 2000 Series Micro-Filter Top (rat/guinea pig)

    • 17” W x 24” L.
    • *Available in regular-temp polycarbonate or polysulfone.
    • Sold 5 per case.


    Plastics Guide

    Abbrev. Plastic Properties Maximum Temperature
    PC Polycarbonate Clear Autoclavable up to 250°F (121°C)
    HT Hi-Temp Polycarbonate Slightly Tinted Autoclavable up to 270°F (131°C)
    PLF Polysulfone Slightly Tinted

    Autoclavable up to 270°F (131°C)