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Drinking Accessories



Material: Radel® plastic with stainless steel tubes.

Autoclavable to 300°F (150°C).

*PCST screw-tops: for Ancare's MST8, MST16 and MST32 bottles.

**FSPCST screw tops: For Ancare's PC9RH8.5, PC16RH8.5, FSPC8HT and FSPC16HT bottles.

Available with any of our 5/16” diameter tubes.

Our most popular sizes are listed below.

Catalog # Tube Included
PCST1.5* OT-99 (1½” straight, open)
PCST1.5TD* TD-99 (1½” straight, ball point)
PCST51BTD* TD-201 (5” with 1” bend, ball point)
FSPCST1.5** OT-99 (1½” straight, open)
FSPCST1.5TD** TD-99 (1½” straight, ball point)
 FSPCST41BTD** TD-200 (4” with 1” bend, ball point)