Custom Bird Cage Racks

Custom Bird Cage Racks



Bird Caging



Made to order for a wide range of birds, including pigeons and finches.

Please contact the Ancare office or your Ancare sales representative for more information.


Standard (SKU: ANAVCR2250SS12):

  • Overall dimensions: 22" x 51" x 74"H.
  • Cage size: 16" x 22" x 16"H.
  • Twelve cages total: three cages wide by four cages tall.
  • Each cage includes:
    • Wire removable tops and floors.
    • Wire mesh floors above pans.
    • Welded corners.
    • Removable center divider
    • Two slide up access doors
    • Spring loaded hinged door to cover opening when pan is removed.
    • Two each 1/2" diameter plastic, textured perches.
    • Two each feeder bowls (24 each total).
  • End cages have one solid panel with slotted vent holes.
  • Two handles at each end of rack.
  • Stainless steel casters with 5" high temp (autoclavable) wheels.

Custom Options Include:

  • Removable partitions and floors to increase interior space.
  • Removable pans.
  • Heavy duty floors.
  • Swing or guillotine doors.
  • 5” stainless steel casters (two with brakes).