Custom Rabbit Cage Racks

Custom Rabbit Cage Racks



Rabbit Caging



Made to order.

Please contact the Ancare office or your Ancare sales representative for more information.


Standard (SKU: ANRR276070SS6):

  • Type 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Overall Dimensions: 27"D x 60"L x 70"H.
  • Cage Overall Dimensions: 27"D x 27"L x 18"H.
  • Three cages high by two cages wide.
  • Cage doors feature 8"H solid lower panel and 10" stainless steel wire openings above.
  • Doors are hinged and secured with latch.
  • Doors are tapered inward with opening for "J" feeder (included).
  • 3" x 5" cardholder welded to door panel.
  • Cage floor is welded flat tubing/wire frame, 27" x 27" (5 square feet).
  • 18 gauge solid removable cage dividers included.
  • 24 gauge excreta pans included (27" x 27" x 2"H).
  • Four stainless steel casters with 5" polyurethane wheels.

Custom Options Include:

  • Hinged doors with solid lower panel.
  • 3” x 5” cardholder welded to doors.
  • Five square feet of interior floor space.
  • Removable J-style feeders.
  • Removable pans and floors for easy cleaning.
  • Removable cage dividers (stainless steel or Lexan).
  • 5” stainless steel casters (two with brakes).