Metabolic Cages and Racks

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Rodent Caging



SIngle mouse metabolic cage (650-0315)

  • Smaller chamber volume and collection tube design minimize evaporation.
  • Cage is self-standing on a benchtop or shelf rack.

Metabolic cage for multiple mice (650-0311)

  • Includes mouse sized feeder drawer, chamber, grid and urine collection tubes.
  • Feeder chamber opening is 2.4 cm.

Metabolic cage for rats under 150g (650-0210)

  • includes feeder drawer and chamber for smaller rats.
  • Feeder chamber opening is 3.5cm.

Metabolic cage for rats, 150-300g (650-0100)

  • includes appropriate feeder drawer and chamber for medium-sized rats.
  • Feeder chamber opening is 5cm.

    Metabolic cage or large rodents, 300-850g (650-0350)

    • Designed for rats, guinea pigs and hamsters.
    • Includes same fluid collection tubes and rings as smaller rodent cages, as well as appropriately sized upper chamber, water bottle, feeder assembly and urine collection tube.

    Single Cage Stand (650-0400)

    • Overall Dimensions: 12 ½” x 12 ½” x 13 3/8”.
    • Nylon supports.
    • Not required for single mouse metabolic cage 650-0315

    Vertical 12-Cage Rack (650-0500)

    • Overall Dimensions: 49.5”L x 19 ½”W x 73 ½”H.
    • Holds up to 12 cages (650-0100, 650-0210, 650-0311, 650-0322). 
    • Can be adjusted to hold eight (8) cages for large rodents (650-0350)
    • Cages are NOT included.
    • Mounted on all swivel casters (two are locking).
    • 650-0317 support plate required if used with Single mouse metabolic cage (650-0315) (12 each).

    Support Plate (650-0317)

    • Required to fit each single mouse metabolic cage (650-0315) into a rack.